“Oh, I have a lot of compassion”, she says and talks about her mother being sick from depressions while having to work three jobs. Her hand makes the well-known move to put the long, black hair in place.

She sits in her place with a huge amount of grace. She seems calm and centered. A woman, who is at peace with herself.  She radiates strength when she says: “But it’s not an excuse!”

When I watch the Reunions of “The Real Wives of Beverly Hills” I am amazed by her beauty, but I have to admit, that I am not amazed by her words.

Joyce (if you watch the show, you have guessed it already, right?) is right, when she claims that Brandi’s depression is no excuse for a potty mouth. But suffering from depression explains a great deal!  I am surprised, that Joyce can not look behind the harsh words and see the real reasons for Brandi’s behaviour during the last season of the show. If Joyce has seen her mother suffer from such a bad mental health, and if she is this all-embracing person, that she works hard to appear like, she would understand and find it in her heart to forgive Brandi’s behaviour – no matter what. She might not be able to be her best friend – after all, harsh words hurt no matter what condition you are in when you say them – but still – she would not take it all so serious and be able to move forward and not pay attention to Brandi. Oh, and I think that’s what being a christian means, too 😉

There is a saying: “Avoid what doesn’t bring you happiness”

So I would suggest, that Joyce simply aknowledge, that you  cannot be friends with everybody and not everybody wants to be your friend. That’s it. Actually this goes for Brandi, too. She as well, should just avoid people, who don’t make her feel good.

My own purpose in this earthly life is to raise awareness about depression and anxiety.

This is something that can strike everyone. You cannot say, that just because you are beautiful and talented and succesfull you shouldn’t feel depressed. It’s all chemical stuff that happens in your brains. Being stressed, for a longer period of time, can make it happen. So no wonder it happened to Brandi at this time of her life, where she has had to go through some extremely difficult things.

I wish more people would be able to see beyond actions and look into the reasons. And I especially wish, that people, who have the public’s attention through the medias, would think twice before picking on someone who’s already falling.

“It’s not an excuse”

– no, but it’s an explanation.



Please notice, that this blog-update is ONLY about the theme “depression”, that was brought up in the Reunion part II – other things will be on my blog in the time to come…